Sunny Iceland, Page 2

Summer, 2002

We had an easy motor and sail from Siglufjordur around the N tip of Iceland. Favorable winds picked up as we approached the N tip (Hornstrandir). Since we were all pretty tired, and not in a great hurry, we headed into a bay (Adalvik) on the NW coast to anchor.

The clouds at the top of the cliffs are descending, and with them the wind. We quickly dropped the sails and turned on the motor in the strong gusts. The motor alone was not powerful enough to move us, so we put the foresail back up and motorsailed into the bay and up to a beach, where we anchored and slept peacefully.

The bay, far from any roads, was not nearly so isolated as we had thought.While it is an abandoned village, it is also apparantly a popular place for hiking, and boats were busy loading and unloading passengers. The beach was dotted with tents. A few of the old houses are also used as vacation homes.

Heimir & Sara left Orbit shortly afterwards in Bolugarvik & Sudureyri, respectively, and I was back to singlehanding the remaining 200-some miles to Reykjavik. The engine had extensive problems, but the wind was favorable enough to do the trip mostly without it.


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