2004 Refit

The hull had the bottom paint removed in many places which were then audioguaged to confirm the plating was not significantly rusted. After audioguaging, grey epoxy paint was put on the bare steel to prevent rust.

The numbers chalked on are the thickness at those spots, in thousandths of an inch. The hull plating is 10 gauge, which is at least .1345 inches. Steel plate is sold by weight, not thickness, which varies, so a given thickness spec for plate is "at least", not "exactly".

The area shown had visible pitting, so it was chosen to be audioguaged. The audiogauge results, of .135 and .136 inches, for 10 gauge plate (which originally was at least .1345 inches), are considered quite acceptable (USCG definition of acceptable here means less than 20% loss of thickness).

Old zincs were replaced, and a new zinc was added to the rudder.


Several times during the work of putting Rosemary Ruth back together, urgent emails went out to the previous owner, along the lines of: "Wally, do remember how this worked?", or "do you remember where we put ...?". Being able to ask the questions, and getting good answers greatly helped the refit job.

The bottom of the hull was sandblasted and painted.







The foredeck area where the anchor winch base would be welded:


Sandblasting the foredeck in preparation for welding and painting (the black clouds in the air are sand):
After blasting, welding and priming, the anchor winch base is ready to have the winch bolted to it.:

After stripping the masts to bare wood, I put six coats of Helmsman Spar Polyurethane (a UV-resistant varnish), mixed with various quantities of Japan Drier, thinner and black paint (an attempt at improving UV resistance) on the masts. The Japan Drier was used because late November in New York is on the cool side for varnishing, and you want the varnish set before the dew falls. The amount of black paint added was not enough to be visible.

Both masts stepped, Rosemary Ruth in the travelift:








Afloat at last!!!!






November, 2004

Krysia and I motored from Staten Island to Jersey City, NJ in early December, 2004.
While most of the rigging was not ready yet, we set the foresail flying to steady the boat and at least pretend to be sailing.
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