Rosemary Ruth


  Rosemary Ruth is one of Tom Colvin's Yin Yang pinky schooner designs. The bare steel hull was built by McConnell Marine on Parry Sound Island, Ontario, about 1977. Doug Gillis, who owned a boat repair yard in Port Credit, Ontario, was the first owner and did the rest of the construction, then sailed her on Lake Ontario until about 1985, when she was sold to Guy Clarkson, who kept her on Vancouver Island. She may have gone to Hawaii after that--I'm not entirely sure of all her history, other than Dr. Steven Fox lived aboard her in Seattle while in college, and I bought her from Wally Wickham many years later. Rosemary Ruth docked in Oregon  
Columbia River Rosemary Ruth was ashore for seven years during an unfinished refit when I bought her, in St. Helens, Oregon in October, 2004. This is in the Columbia River area of Oregon, which is really beautiful.
Forward Cabin, looking forward The boat was exceptionally well-built, which justified putting all the work that would be required into a refit of such an old boat. A great deal of labor went into the construction of this boat.
Galley, Starboard Side Galley, Port Side Aft Cabin Navigation Table
Forepeak with ceiling removed The forepeak (forward-most part of the interior) had been removed in preparation for modifying the chain locker and adding an anchor winch.
Makeshift chain locker Since the chain locker had not been built, the galley was converted into a temporary chain locker, and a full barrel of 3/8" (8mm) chain was carefully laid down into the galley area and blocked off by old plywood.
Drawers taped shut for trucking All drawers were taped shut for shipping.
Forward cabin, packed for shipping The forward cabin, packed for shipping.
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